OS Meatshop x Cell Culture Lab Partnership

About the partnership

Cell Culture Lab is a company specialized in skin rejuvenation. OS Meatshop recognizes the quality of service of this company and can relate perfectly to the impeccable service standards that Cell Culture Lab stands for. Therefore, a partnership between these two international ventures will be an important step in accentuating our impeccable services and product standards across the continent.


What is AFI+™?
Discover the Autologous Fibroblast Injection method, optimized by Dr Pellay to reach the highest level of skin rejuvenation available today.


Personalised skin rejuvenation
AFI+™ is an autologous cell based skin rejuvenation treatment which is much more effective than conventional aesthetic procedures, such as mesotherapy and PRP, and has long-lasting effect without foreign materials or frequent follow-up visits, as required for Botox or hyaluronic injection. In this procedure, the facial skin is rejuvenated by injecting your own skin cells (fibroblasts) to replace the one lost with time, thus reversing the process of skin aging. This personalized, natural and highly efficient procedure is considered by dermatologists and aging experts to be the most efficient skin rejuvenation treatment available today and a single injection will have effects that lasts for years.