“SASHI beef is what all other beef wishes it could be”

- John Sashi Nielsen

Mr. John Sashi Nielsen is a highly passionate meat-sommelier and has been traveling around the world for more than 30 years to select and bring the worlds best beef to his deboning company JN Meat in Denmark. Two of John ́s most repeated mottos are: “Everybody can make tender beef, but only a few can also make beef with flavor, and I am proud to be one of the few”. “I don’t mind that we are a small company, as long as we continue being amongst the very best”. 

John Sashi Nielsen winning World Steak Challenge award

Sashi, Japanese for 'marbling'

Sashi is a Japanese word, and it means exactly: ”marbling”, and therefore the meat is selected and characterized being marbled. Only a limited quantity of cattle has the genetic potential for a very high grade of marbling. This, as well as the classification and selection, make Sashi a niche-product. A product for meat-lovers, who demand more than just tenderness, and who values taste and succulence. Sashi-meat is not popular because it is cheap or being exotic or originating from a special breed of cattle or from a specific country. Sashi is a success because of the feeling of relish you get when you enjoy it. At the annual held competition World Steak Challenge beef from the Sashi series has been crowned being the best in the World in 2018 and 2019.

Sashi beef uncooked, ready for preparation

A special way of preparation

The high level of marbling means that Sashi-meat must be handled differently to other meats. Do not fry for a longer time, because the fat-marbling will start to melt, and you end up having a tough steak without flavor, or the meat will start to boil. Take the steaks out of the fridge min. 1⁄2 hour before cooking. Fry the steaks on a medium-high-hot (grill)-pan, or barbecue, leaving a good frying-crust and fry until medium or rare, never well done! Let the steaks rest 2 min. before serving. Season with flaky salt (preferred fleur de sel) and enjoy them without sauce or gravy. Last but not least... Bon appetit!

 Sashi steak that needs to be prepared with caution

What to remember from Sashi Beef?

Hand selected by John Sashi Nielsen
No Hormones
No Antibiotics
Sashi is a Japanese word and means marbling
Superior Taste
Health Benefits for Consumers
Consistent Supply
Commitment to the environment