We are not butchers, we are Masters in Meat

Welcome at OS, an exclusive meat distributor & restaurant carrying more than 20 years of expertise.

We make the most exclusive beef from around the world accessible for everyone in Europe in individual sized packages delivered to your very doorstep.

Most of our products are normally only available for restaurant owners or Food & Beverage business professionals in large quantities, not suitable for private consumers, we make that possible.

With us you can taste Michelin Star Beef Quality at the comfort of your own home.

Each piece is authentic, strictly selected and hand cut.

We go for the full 100%

We understand ordering an exclusive piece of meat online can be quite a hurdle. It's like asking to marry on the first date, where you would just need to take a leap of faith without getting to know your soon-to-be spouse.

While this seems like a valid concern, we pride ourselves in having a 100% customer satisfaction rate on all of our orders. Moreover, almost 40% of our customers return to us for a second order!

We have deep-rooted confidence in both our quality and our logistics parter DHL, and we guarantee that you will have an unmatched experience that will make you come back as soon as possible!

The atelier

In the heart of Belgium and center of Europe, OS hosts a restaurant and meat atelier where the most exclusive meats in the world are carefully selected and hand cut.

By establishing OS Meatshop, Chef Ben Elen created an exclusive opportunity for customers all across the European continent to taste the refined sensations of exclusive beef from around the globe delivered right to your doorstep.

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