Why Wagyu has the highest price per kilogram

Wagyu beef is known for its tender texture and rich flavor. The Japanese breed of cattle that produces this high quality meat has been selectively bred for a long period of time. Let's dive into the facts that justify the price tag.



Picture of a Wagyu steak next to salt on a plate

The History of Wagyu Beef


Wagyu beef has been produced in Japan since the late 1800s. Japanese farmers began breeding cattle that were larger and stronger than other breeds. They wanted to produce animals that would be able to withstand harsh weather and work harder. These new breed of cattle interluded the phenomenon “wagyu” (Japanese for “Japanese cattle”).

Throughout the years, Japanese farmers saw other countries industrializing and scaling up their beef production, especially the USA. The Japanese government decided they would not try to compete with such volumes. Instead, they adapted the principle 'quality over quantity'. Japan chose to specialize in producing the most tasty beef rather than producing the most volume of it. Since then, the Japanese government has imposed lots of legislation to protect and even improve that impeccable quality that it is known for.

Picture of a Japanese knife next to a steak

The Price Tag


Wagyu beef is considered one of the most expensive meats in the world. In fact, the price for authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu lies between €300 and €550 per kilogram.

However, there are some reasons why it is so costly. First, it takes years to develop the right genetics to make the perfect wagyu beef. Second, the cows must eat special feed that contains high levels of protein and omega fatty acids. Third, the cows must live in a climate that is ideal for producing the highest quality meat. Finally, the cows must be raised with insane levels of care and attention.

Japan also has issued some strict rules when it comes to scoring the quality of the produced beef. Government officials regularly visit the Wagyu farms in order to check all quality factors of the beef. Needless to say, that contributes to the price tag as well.



Close up of the marbling of a Japanese Wagyu steak

Wagyu Beef Production Process


Wagyu beef production begins with a cow that has been bred specifically for its high quality meat. This breed of cow is called a Japanese Black (Kuroge Washu). These cows are raised in Japan and are fed a diet rich in protein and vitamins. Cattle are slaughtered at an age between 2 and 3 years.

Picture of a Japanese Wagyu ribeye steak




If you ask us, Wagyu beef is the best beef you'll ever be able to get your hands on. Not only does it taste amazing; the rich history behind this beef makes it so appealing to dive into completely. Keep reading to explore the world of Wagyu, or head over to our webshop to shop your Wagyu.

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