Entrepreneurs From Sint-Truiden Import Butter tender Meat from Japan

OS Meatshop, Ben Elen and Ronny Haesen's Sint-Truiden company, will be responsible for the European distribution of Japanese Waygu beef to private individuals. The delicacy comes from the Japanese Itoham Foods Inc., the largest processor and distributor of Waygu meat in Japan.

“The difficulty was mainly to be able to sell the meat here on a large scale to private individuals. That is why we have decided to set up a structure for distribution to all European countries ”, says Ben Elen. OS Meatshop has experience with the distant distribution of meat. For example, through partner Ronny Haesen, deals had already been concluded for Ben’s Premium Origin Burger in Dubai and throughout the Balkan region.

“Times have changed a lot and the internet has opened up many possibilities, including online sales,” says Ronny. “Through a partnership with DHL, we can ship our products to all Member States within 24 hours with delivery times of 1 to 2 working days. To maximize the shelf life of the Ribeye Steak, our Wagyu meat is hand cut, frozen and vacuum packed to minimize oxidation and drying out. This keeps the meat in optimal conditions for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

OS Meatshop only sells Wagyu A5, which has the highest quality according to the rating system in Japan, and is sold at 271 euros / kg. The company is in full negotiation to also distribute exclusive meat products from other countries.

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