Ozaki Beef: the Phantom of Japanese Wagyu Beef

Japanese Wagyu beef is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after options among foodies, but there’s another remarkable version of the meat that tops the menu worldwide. Ozaki beef, also known as the Phantom of Wagyu Beef, is something that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Here follows some intriguing information about this remarkable Japanese Wagyu Beef.

Picture of Ozaki Beef with certificate statue

What is Ozaki Beef?

Ozaki Beef is an exclusive quality beef that comes from Wagyu cattle raised on a single farm, owned by the renowned farmer Muneharu Ozaki. For decades, Mr. Ozaki has his small yet prestigious farm in the Miyazaki Prefecture.

It is also known as the ‘Phantom of Wagyu’ to denote the scarcity of this unique beef. The exclusiveness comes from the fact that Mr. Ozaki’s farm produces just 30 cattle a month, which is extremely low compared to an average Japanese Wagyu farm. Yet, Mr. Ozaki doesn’t feel pressure to size up or to extensively exploit his unique product. In fact, limited beef production gives him the opportunity to provide extra personal attention to his precious cattle and their strict diet, which is required to make Wagyu beef of these strict quality standards.

Ozaki Beef rib roast

What is so special about the name?

Certainly, the most famous among all farmers in the Miyazaki region, Mr. Ozaki enjoys the privilege to be the only farmer in Japan who can market beef using his personal name. You can say that he has been able to create a niche market for the exclusive quality of beef produced at his farm.

Zoomed in picture of Ozaki Beef texture

The beginning of Ozaki Beef

Mr. Ozaki has studied the most advanced techniques for beef cattle production at a farm in the USA. The farm had around 17,000 cattle for mass production of beef. While studying, he felt no interest in the mass production of cattle, as the methods were used to fatten the cattle quickly for early shipping.

When he was back home in Japan, he decided to produce beef with a distinctive flavor and aroma that he along with his loved ones would enjoy every day. This led to the production of Ozaki Beef.

His farm started by raising only 100 cattle, keeping it low in number for a careful watch and production. Now, having spent over 30 years working at his farm, he finally feels satisfied by the flavor of his exclusive quality beef that the world knows by the name of Ozaki Beef.

Picture of intermuscular fat in beef

What makes Ozaki Beef special?

Ozaki Beef is not your average Japanese Wagyu beef. Everything about the cattle is different – from feeding to nurturing. In fact, the diet for the cattle is quite unique. It is prepared every morning and evening, through an extremely labor-intensive method that lasts around 2 hours.

It’s quite surprising to know that the feed comprises 15 kinds of feed and includes grass from the meadows, barley, maize, moist barley mash (obtained from beer brewing), without any preservative or antibiotics. A mixture of seaweed and algae is preferred to stimulate blood circulation. The unique feed is the reason behind the burst of flavors that the beef is known for.

While most Wagyu in Japan is slaughtered at 28 weeks, Mr. Ozaki lets the flavors improve by allowing the cattle to mature. He feels that slaughtering them after 32 weeks is better to get more flavorful meat. This little extra time is enough for the development of perfect marbling that imparts the unique flavor.

Picture of Ozaki beef ribeye steak

What does Ozaki Beef taste like?

As mentioned above, cattle are matured at least 4 weeks longer than regular Japanese Wagyu. The matured meat has a sublime texture, flavored with a hint of drool-worthy sweetness that releases as one chews. The overall palate contains a savory and complex, yet perfect umami flavor, which rolls smoothly into a rich aftertaste with subtle hints of sweetness.

Speaking of texture, the melt-in-the-mouth beef provides an exploding sensation of flavorful juices, hence this is nothing short of the genuine Japanese A5 Wagyu experience.

Despite being fatty, Ozaki beef is easy to digest. You can enjoy the beef without feeling overwhelmed by its richness.

Picture of cooked Ozaki beef chunks

Final words

While Ozaki Beef may not be as well-known as Kobe Beef, its delectable flavor is gaining worldwide recognition. This incredibly tender meat has received immense attention in the past few years for its unique flavor and richness. Some would even argue that its flavor is better than Kobe and other Wagyu. Rest assured that making the comparison is rather redundant, as we are simply comparing arguably two of the best beefs one will ever come across in a lifetime.

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