Dutch Holstein beef: a sensational delicacy?

When talking about quality beef, the Netherlands shouldn't be overlooked too quickly. They produce some of the most amazing steaks of Europe and beyond. For the occasion, let's talk about the Amsterdam based brand 'Zagt' and their delicious Holstein breed!

Picture of Zagt beef with herbs and vegetables


There are about 1.5 million dairy cows in the Netherlands. There are many different breeds, such as Frisian Holstein, Groningen Blaarkop and Frisian Red, and many crossbreeds. The cows produce milk for an average of 5 years. Between 20% and 30% of Dutch dairy cows are removed from milk production each year. That is the double objective: from dairy cattle to beef. ZAGT mainly works with the Frisian Holstein breed.

Zagt ribeye and Zagt tenderloin on a plate


Naturally, dairy farmers look after their cows as best as they possibly can. Cows are the farmers’ capital. Promoting good cow health and keeping diseases to a minimum is paramount to all dairy farmers. And to do so successfully, the Dutch dairy sector has defined a number of targets. Any treatment involving antibiotics must be considered with utmost care. The cow is only given antibiotics when absolutely necessary, in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Veterinary Medicines Authority. Inspections are performed on hygiene, animal health, drinking water and food quality, manure production and sustainability. The mandatory inspections are performed by a state supervisory body.

Butcher of Zagt Amsterdam cutting beef


Zagt beef is unofficially known as the "Wagyu of the lowlands" due to its excellent marbling. The Tenderloin steak by Zagt has the texture of a premium tenderloin, yet the taste of a top-level Ribeye steak. A must-try, believe us!

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