John Sashi Nielsen, the European king of beef

A Tsunami in the world of steaks

The love for beef is like ageless wine that increases in taste with each passing year. Likewise, the more you taste different types of beefs, the pickier you become.

While the world has witnessed many insane beef producers and Japan is a niche holder in this domain, JN MEAT has been able to create history. And the owner – John Sashi Nielsen – is the proud person who has been a trend-setter by winning the ‘World Steak Challenge’ two years in a row! Now, officially, he is the World’s Best Beef Producer.

Picture of John Sashi Nielsen in a grass field

John Sashi Nielsen

The founder of JN Meat or John Nielsen International owns this medium-sized company in Denmark and has been producing the best beef since 1980. Several years later, winning the title has made him and his beef popular across the world.

In his own words:

“Founding my company in 1980, I didn´t actually think, that 39 years later I should achieve and receive so much recognition – and indeed 2 years in succession! Being a medium-sized company in Denmark, it is obviously a tremendous tap on the shoulder achieving this international honour, which we have received”. (Source:

As a meat connoisseur, he has been on an intensive beef journey over the years, just in search for unique beef of the highest quality. His efforts have paid well in the form of “Sashi Beef”, which is not a variety or a fancy name, but the benchmark of quality. He is proud to thrive with his very own “Family Farms”.

His journey was started with the intention to produce and sell quality meat. Having established a strong hold on the market, JN Meat is a modern production-house that processes and exports meat everywhere in the domestic and international markets. The company recorded exponential growth, year after year.

The profits of his private investment company – John Nielsen Finans ApS – are interesting and big like his beef. Mr. Nielsen’s investment in this company and additional ownership interests in JN Meat and other companies and properties sum up to a whopping share in the market.

Quite recently, he has managed to post a net profit of DKK 30 million (approximately 4 million EUR). Eventually, the equity in his company has grown up to DKK 300 million. kr. (approximately 40 million EUR).

John Sashi Nielsen holding a beef cut


The Challenge to be The Best

The “World Steak Challenge 2019” took place in Dublin and the owner of JN Meat, Mr. Nielsen was one of many dedicated participants. The event had over 300 steaks from different parts of the world including the USA, EU, Brazil, Japan, and Australia. But steak from Finland, by JN Meat Int. was declared the best.

The jury included international experts and consumers who carried out a Blind Test of every single steak based on: smell, colour, taste, juiciness, tenderness, and presentation. The southern Scandinavian Beef scored maximum in all of these disciplines and ranked the highest.

Scottish genes and Danish passion together produced the World’s Best Steaks.

From the winner:

“Well, it is quite fantastic: One thing is that we won the “Steak-championship” in 2018, but winning it again in 2019 is totally crazy. It is a wild dream coming true, and I am not only happy but also moved by our passion for delivering the best beef in the world”. (Source:

In 2018, the event had over 200 entries from 22 countries. A year later in 2019, the competition was top notch with competition coming from approximately 300 varieties of steaks.

Clearly, you would now find the best beef coming from John Sashi Nielsen’s farms.

Picture of Ayrshire cattle in grass field

The Aftermath

Victory is always motivating, but winning this prestigious World Championship, that too for the second year in a row, JN Meat Int. has placed itself on the world map. The world now recognizes Sashi Beef as something special and unique. After all, the world wants to taste the highest-quality and the most flavourful beef!

The producer of the World’s Best Steaks and the owner of JN Meat International, John Sashi Nielsen himself reveals that the secret of the best beef goes to selecting the right cow, the right breed, and raising the cattle in the right environment.

The winning steaks were from a cow raised in Finland in clear air and fed on the grass high in water content. Although a dairy breed, the Ayrshire breed was chosen for the competition because of high marbling.

Product picture of Danish Sashi Beef

End note

While Sashi Beef is already in high demand in restaurants and stores across Denmark, the prestigious win now opens the market opportunity across Europe and beyond.

Conclusively, Sashi Beef from Mr. Nielsen’s farms are the world’s best and just perfect on all quality parameters. The beef is simply heaven for the meat lover in you. Try it once and you will never be able to settle for less.  

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