Wagyu at Home? An explanation why you should try it

We often receive the question if the experience of enjoying Wagyu beef at home is superior to ordering it at a restaurant. Some people tend to think that a professional chef could prepare Wagyu better, but there are in fact some advantages of cooking your Wagyu beef at home. Let’s dive into it!

Picture of a Wagyu steak with salt

The availability

Let’s face it: premium Wagyu beef is not easy to find at restaurants. Especially if you live remote, it can be a big challenge to find any Wagyu served at restaurants at all. That’s because the cost that comes with buying in Wagyu is very expensive, which adds up to the total costs that a restaurant has.

Picture of cooked Wagyu slices

The preparation

Nonetheless, ordering authentic Wagyu in a high-end restaurant will be an unforgettable experience for every beef lover. Expect dishes where every individual ingredient creates balance and a delicious umami flavor. Nonetheless, the internet is full of delicious Wagyu recipes which you can easily try at home. Some Wagyu dishes require a tiny bit more skill than others, but if you stick to the instructions as well as the listed ingredients, you’ll be fine.


The price tag

Ordering Wagyu at a restaurant will undoubtedly be a more expensive experience than simply ordering Wagyu at home. The reason does not lie in restaurants being greedy. When you eat Wagyu beef at a restaurant, you not only pay for the beef, but also for the staff, the electric costs and of course the experience of dining out. In fact, a lot of restaurants settle on lower margins because it is so expensive to order in the first place. To sum things up in terms of pricing, you are far better off by ordering your beef online and enjoying it at the comfort of your own home.


The grade of Wagyu Beef

Many restaurants tend to get creative with the word ‘Wagyu’ on menu cards. Not all Wagyu wields the same juiciness and tenderness, and the grading is something that is crucial in getting the authentic Wagyu experience. When you find yourself at a restaurant that serves Wagyu, be sure to always ask for the origin (e.g. Japan or Australia) and the grade (e.g. A5, BMS9) to prevent yourself from being fooled or scammed at restaurants. By ordering your beef from a trustworthy online store (such as Os Meatshop), you always receive the real deal. Read more about the grading of Wagyu here.

Picture of a delicious Wagyu dish

The impression on your guests

Wagyu always comes with impressiveness and prestige. Preparing Wagyu at home and impressing your guests with a jaw-dropping dish creates a magical experience that your guests will probably never forget. Not only the beef will be the star of the show, but the home cook as well. Giving that shine to another chef when dining out will spoil half of the fun.



Where should you enjoy your Wagyu: at home or out dining? While we have eaten a lot of Wagyu, both at home and in high-end restaurants, there’s no wrong answer to the main question. It simply comes down to personal preference. But be advised: cooking Wagyu at home is probably one of the most impressive things you can pull off when inviting friends and family over to dinner. It is a showstopping experience that will mesmerize all people involved.


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