Wagyu and Caviar, a match made in heaven

When talking about the world’s most luxurious foods, two products are always on top of mind: premium Caviar and Japanese Wagyu Beef. Interestingly enough, star chefs around the world are becoming keener to combine these two products in one heavenly delicious dish. Within this article, we will run through the characteristics of Wagyu beef, some recommended side dishes and the potential role of caviar inside of a Japanese Wagyu dish.

Shabu Shabu style Wagyu with Caviar

What does Wagyu Beef taste like?

In the world of beef, Japanese Wagyu definitively is considered the queen of all steaks. When analyzing the flavor palate, one will describe Wagyu as extremely intense, ultra-beefy and deliciously buttery. An explosion of juices generates an intense, yet balanced umami flavor that tickles taste buds to the maximum. Despite flavors come in perfect harmony, the overall sensation of genuine Wagyu beef will definitely overwhelm your guests from the first bite on. That’s exactly why side dishes should be chosen with utmost care.

Japanese Wagyu & Caviar Dish

What are good side dishes for Wagyu?

When preparing your Japanese Wagyu dish, you should opt for light side dishes that will not take away the limelight of the star of the show. Therefore, vegetables with a subtle tasting palate are always a good idea. In particular, Chef Ben Elen recommends grilled asparagus, steamed green beans, steamed broccoli, sauteed mushrooms and grilled carrots. Season these with salt, pepper and a touch of oil, and you’re good to go. When going this way, you’ll surely have a safe and well-rounded side dish for your Wagyu beef.

Japanese Wagyu and caviar on toast

Wagyu and caviar: a match made in heaven?

Next to the aforementioned options, there is particularly one exclusive ingredient that will amp up your dish without overshadowing the overall Wagyu experience… and that is caviar! This golden combination is becoming increasingly popular among star chefs around the world, and to be fair: we definitely get why! The rich umami flavor of Wagyu pairs perfectly with the mild and exclusive sensation of caviar. Let’s dive deeper into the idea.

The flavor palate of caviar can best be described as salty, creamy and subtle hints of nuts. Much like Japanese Wagyu beef, caviar rolls smoothly over the tongue and when bitten, it sets free an explosion of beautiful flavors. However, thanks to its deliciously mild character, caviar will not grab the full attention of the dish. Instead, it will serve as an ideal sidekick that will enhance the richness of the overall tasting experience even more.

When combining with Wagyu beef, we recommend going with the Osietra caviar type. The slightly nutty flavor profile of Osietra caviar leans perfectly towards the buttery palate of Japanese Wagyu.

Japanese Wagyu & Caviar combination

Overall conclusion

Japanese Wagyu and caviar are ideal companions for a heavenly dish. In terms of flavor, the umami sensation of Japanese Wagyu beef and the butter-smooth saltiness of caviar will surely create a delicious experience that your guests will not easily forget. As this concept is widely used by chefs all around the world, one should not be afraid to try it at home with family and friends. If you dare to try it, you’ll surely won’t regret it.

Bon appetit!

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