Wagyu Miyazaki: the winner of the Wagyu Olympics

With exceptional flavor and outstanding quality, Wagyu Miyazaki is the undisputed winner of the most luxurious beef brand. Words cannot simply explain the deliciousness it is. And why not, Wagyu Miyazaki must pass a serious of strict guidelines to meet its superior standards. As a beef lover, you cannot resist yourself from this melt-in-the-mouth delectable meat.

To appreciate it more, you need to know about some amazing facts about this luxury beef, which has been the winner of the most recent Wagyu Olympics.  

Picture of a raw Wagyu Miyazaki

What is Wagyu Miyazaki?

Simply put, it is a Japanese breed of cattle that is bred and raised in the most unique environment. Ranchers who raise them treat their cattle like royalty. If this is not enough, the cattle are prudently recorded, documented, and tracked. Means, it is easier to trace their lineage, age, farm and lifeline. The process of breeding involves the highest degree of transparency to determine the authenticity of the beef. All the measures are followed to ensure that the beef reaching you is the highest quality Miyazaki Wagyu beef.

Cutting A5 Wagyu with a butcher's knife

What are the characteristics of Wagyu Miyazaki?

Literally meaning “Japanese Cow”, Wagyu is better characterized by its signature marbling that imparts its distinctive flavor, texture, and tenderness.

The beef is actually rated for quality by the Japanese government, with the greatest rating being the A5. That’s why authentic Miyazaki A5 Wagyu doesn’t come cheap. Even with this hefty price tag, the beef remains the most sought-after by world-class restaurants, high-end steakhouses and of course, beef lovers across the world.

Wagyu Miyazaki on a grill plate

Where does Wagyu A5 Wagyu Miyazaki come from?

Miyazaki Wagyu beef comes from the cows raised in the Miyazaki Prefecture, which is situated in the far south of Japan. The meat is graded on a scale from C1 up to A5.

The exquisite A5 beef comes from Kuroge Washu cows which are raised in the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. These are one hundred percent purebred Wagyu cattle and the largest among the four Wagyu breeds that Japan is known for.

Climate in Miyazaki Prefecture remains relatively mild because of the warm Japan current. It’s a sun-filled region known for many clear days and long daylight hours, which is simply perfect for raising the Wagyu cattle. Don’t get surprised to know that the ranchers responsible for raising this exclusive brand of cattle raise only an average of four animals at a time. The practice is followed to ensure specialized care and individual focus to each cow’s needs with a watchful eye.

Just respect the fact that the cattle receive the best treatment and care to provide the highest quality beef to the world. We must say that Miyazaki Wagyu holds a special place for a reason!

Just like their special care, the diet for the cows is special too. They are fed on a wholesome diet of wheat, corn, and barley for over 600 days. Yes, this is approximately eight times longer than any cattle on the market.

Grilled Wagyu Miyazaki steak

What makes Wagyu Miyazaki so special?

It’s a combination of different factors, such as:

  • Extreme caution followed in raising the cattle
  • Stringent quality control
  • A highly nutritious and specialized diet
  • Genetic makeup of the cattle

All these factors play a crucial role in giving Wagyu its exclusive buttery texture, rich cherry color, and dense beefy flavor.

The marbling remains evenly spread throughout the meat. While cooking, the fat begins to melt and dissolve into the muscles to give a distinctive flavor and melt-in-the-mouth texture to the meat.  

Picture of prepared Wagyu Miyzaki steak

What exactly are the Wagyu Olympics?

Wagyu Olympics are not for running or games, but to help you in your quest for the Holy Beef Grail. The National Competition is held every 5 years in Japan and is referred to as the Olympics of Wagyu Beef. Japanese prefectures compete in this competition in two main categories: breed improvement and meat quality.

This special kind of Olympics have a long history which dates back to 1966. The upcoming one will be held in 6 – 10 October 2022 in Kagoshima, Japan. The latest one, also the 11th edition, was held in 2017 in Miyagi. In total, 39 prefectures out of 47 participated in this competition.

Miyazaki Beef has been the undisputed winner of this Olympics for 3 consecutive years. This also means Miyazaki Wagyu beef holds the top spot in Japan for 15 years straight! That’s really amazing.

Initially, Miyazaki was not as popular globally as Kobe Beef, but it is gaining all the appreciation it deserves. While the Miyazaki beef is now available in many places other than Japan, Miyazaki Prefecture still remains the best spot to relish the exquisiteness.

Slices of Wagyu Miyazaki on a plate


Miyazaki Wagyu is the holy grail of Beef that the world has been waiting for. At OS Meatshop, we are a conglomerate of beef lovers and bring to you the finest beef from across the world. Order you piece of the three times Olympics Winner Miyazaki Wagyu beef and relish the exclusiveness all by yourself.

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