What exactly is a Sirloin Steak? The Sirloin Steak explained

Beef loin primal cuts have a major sub-primal cut known as the beef sirloin. Sounds technical? It may, but something that you would agree upon is that you really like sirloin steaks. Hence, it’s really wonderful to know more about it. Let’s get ahead to dig more deliciousness…

We get these mouthwatering steaks from the loin primal cut that runs from the 13th rib to the end of the hip bone. Despite being lean, top sirloin steaks taste awesome after grilling.

Picture of a raw Japanese Wagyu Sirloin steak

Cooking beef sirloin

Sirloin steaks are great for high-heat grilling, but while avoiding overcooking. Temperatures beyond 62 degrees Celsius can turn it dry and tough. For this cut, we recommend a rare or medium rare cook to fully enjoy the texture and juices of a sirloin steak. You can think of marinating it to enhance the flavor and moisture, but we find it unnecessary as a good sirloin provides enough flavor on itself. When ready, be sure to slice your steaks against the grain. This way, the end consumer (being you and your guests) will cut their beef with the grain. It takes quite some inspection to find out which way the grain goes. However, cutting against the grain will definitely bring an underestimated benefit in overall eating experience.

Picture of a Japanese Wagyu sirloin steak with Wagyu badge

Japanese A5 Wagyu Sirloin Steak

While talking about beef, no one can ever dare to forget Japanese A5 Wagyu. It is the absolute top grade of all Wagyu beefs produced in Japan. Moreover, it is hailed as the best beef in the world. And, it has attained the label for a reason. Its melt in the mouth texture and special umami flavor is something that the world swears by.

The quality of meat is the outcome of the dedication shown by the caretakers. Animals are raised in a special stress-free environment that helps create incredibly flavored intramuscular fat that creates unique marbling.

Just as Wagyu beef is special, its cooking is also special. That’s why we always include a brief manual on cooking the perfect steak along with your order (alternatively, read the online version here). We suggest pan-searing it short and sweet to let the intramuscular fat caramelize and become crisp. Let it rest for a few minutes and the steaks will be perfectly tender while releasing the optimum flavor of the Wagyu.

When prepared on open fire, one should definitely pay attention to the vast majority of flames that the Wagyu fat will induce.

Sirloin is naturally on the leaner side, but Wagyu sirloin has incredible marbling that makes it an exception. The flavor and texture will make you go weak for the steaks.

We have the authentic A5 Wagyu sirloin steaks that you always crave for. But yes, there’s a rat race for it. Notwithstanding that this rare cut is high in demand, we re-supply our Wagyu sirloin steaks on a regular basis to ensure our customers of availability throughout the whole season. But when you’re ready for the best sirloin in the world, don’t hesitate to order your piece.

Picture of a sirloin steak on a plate with herbs and salt


The sirloin is definitely one of the best cuts of beef you’ll be able to acquire. In addition, Japanese Wagyu A5 beef sirloin steaks are simply the best. Of course, you may feel like being settled with other sirloin steaks, but we are sure that you wouldn’t want to miss purchasing the Japanese variant that is spectacularly different.

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