The pride of Uruguay

A very small amount of cattle produces the beef which has the minimum marbling score of 5, which is the strict requirement of UMI. Only during production of the beef cuts the selection is made of what is good enough for UMI.
Uruguay is located in the southeastern part of South America. This country contains about 4 times more cattle than people. With its wide-stretched nature and fields, the inhabitants of Uruguay have a deep understanding on how to raise cattle. One last remarkable fact: Uruguay is the only country in the world that has 100% traceable livestock! 
Uruguay Umi Beef

Umi, the 'Art Of Beef'

While being a descendant of the carefully nurtured Black Angus breed, the 'Umi' breed has been raised with even more strictness and precision. Notwithstanding the fact that Umi is still relatively unknown to the masses, this meat is becoming increasingly popular amongst the star chefs from all over the world. Umi is being reffered as the 'Art Of Beef', because it simply looks and tastes like a piece of art. With a beautiful marbling score of 5+, a 200 days grain fed diet and a hormone free breeding process, this meat is sincerely as good as it gets. Umi Beef is one of our personal favorites, and we feel that every meat lover should give this beautiful steak a try!
Umi Beef
hand cut Umi Steak 
What to remember from Umi Beef?
200 days grain fed cattle
Pasture-Based, Grazing System
No Hormones
No Antibiotics
Superior Taste
Health Benefits for Consumers
Consistent Supply
Commitment to the environment