How much Wagyu Beef do you serve per person?

Wagyu beef is nothing short of sensational, as it is immensely rich in flavor. Because of that immense richness that is not comparable to a regular steak, you may be puzzled about ordering the right amount of Wagyu. As we often get asked how much Wagyu beef per person would be the ideal amount to serve, we’ll cover it all within this article. Read on and discover the ideal amount of Wagyu you should purchase for your next dinner party.

 Picture of Wagyu and asparagus

Chart to determine the right amount of Wagyu Beef per person

You can take the following chart as a general rule of thumb when purchasing Wagyu beef:

Meal type

Grams / person

Ounces / person

Appetizer / tasting

80 g – 100 g

3.1 oz – 3.5 oz

Main course with minimal or light side dishes

200 g – 250 g

7.1 oz – 8.2 oz

Main course with multiple or bold side dishes

150 g – 200 g

5.3 oz – 7.1 oz


However, there are always a few things to consider in order to purchase the perfect amount of your favorite Wagyu beef product. Let’s dive into it right away:


Question 1: which type of Wagyu are you looking to buy?

Not all Wagyu is created equal. There are quite a few differences in richness, tenderness, beefiness and intramuscular fat content. Especially the latter is most important when considering the right grammage for your order. Premium Wagyu types such as Japanese Wagyu A5 and Australian Wagyu BMS 9+ are immensely marbled, and they will fill up bellies much faster than inferior types of Wagyu, such as American Wagyu, South-American Wagyu and European Wagyu. As a rule of thumb, always inspect the amount of marbling on your steak.


Question 2: are you looking to serve a lot of side dishes?

There are a lot of side dishes that pair perfectly with Wagyu. Think of caviar, rice, pasta, potatoes and/or baked vegetables. If you’re planning on serving heavy side dishes along with your Wagyu serving, you might want to go a tad easier on the order amount. That being said, we always recommend to not overcomplicate your main dish and let the Wagyu product be the star of the show.


Question 3: how many courses will you serve?

If you are planning on serving pre-courses or dessert during your feast, it is usually a good idea to temper your Wagyu serving portions. Especially when heavy desserts will be an integral part of your menu, serving too much Wagyu can be tricky as you want to save some space. That being said, we always recommend to not overcomplicating your pre-course or dessert as it will take some shine away from your spectacular Wagyu beef. Dare to be minimalistic!


Question 4: have you assessed the preferences of your guests?

Although Wagyu is a spectacular showstopper, organizing a dinner meal is not all about the food: it’s about the guests as well. Here are some questions to put you in the right direction:

  • Are your guests male, female or mixed?
  • Do your guests usually eat big portions?
  • Are your guests steak lovers or not?
  • Will there be any vegetarians joining you?

 Picture of Wagyu with mushrooms and salt


Serving Wagyu during your next feast will certainly leave a luxurious impression on your guests. This article will ease up the process of deciding how much Wagyu beef you should order. If you are still not sure, it is always better to order too much than too little Wagyu. You and your guests will love it, and when there are some leftovers, someone will undoubtedly be asking for seconds!

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