Flanders Beef, the premium Belgian beef experience

 Just as not all heroes wear capes, premium beef does not always carry heaps of marbling. Flanders Beef is a sought-after delicacy that is prized by many chefs in the world. But what makes this beef so delicious and irresistible? Within this article, we will cover all there is to know about Flanders Beef.

The selection process

There are strict criteria that need to be met in order to be eligible for Flanders Beef production. Thus, Flanders Beef cattle undergo a handpicked selection by Flanders Beef officials. Criterium points include internal factors such as texture, beef quality and tenderness, but also heritage and life factors come into play. The latter is extremely important, as Flanders Beef is only produced from cattle that have given birth only once. All these criteria ensure that only the supreme line of Belgian blue cattle is selected, which translates into an impeccable tasting experience for the end customer. 

Tenderloin steak on a tray with salt

The genetics

As fat usually translates into flavor, lean beef often indicates a lack of flavor and complexity. As one can immediately tell, Flanders Beef has little marbling, which might rise concerns among beef lovers that are used to well-marbled steaks. Looks can be deceiving with Flanders Beef, as this beef is blessed with superior genetics referred to as the ‘double muscle gene’. The double muscle gene is a genetic mutation that can cause cattle to develop significantly more muscle mass than is typical. This mutation is caused by a change in a gene called the myostatin gene, which normally regulates muscle growth. When an animal has the double muscle gene, it produces less myostatin, leading to an increase in muscle mass. Cattle with the double muscle gene are sometimes referred to as "double muscled" or "muscular" breeds. They are prized for their meat, which is leaner and more tender than that of typical cattle.


The flavor palate

The flavor palate of Flanders Beef is bold and delicious. Tasting notes include rich, savory and beefy sensations, with a medium-long yet satisfying aftertaste.

The cooking process

As the beef itself is rich in flavor, one should definitely stick to the basics when seasoning the beef: use salt, pepper and garlic powder, nothing else. Of course, always be generous while seasoning your steaks, as the majority slides off during the cooking process. It is recommended that the final part of your cooking process includes basting your Flanders Beef steak with butter, thyme, rosemary and garlic. This enhances flavor significantly. Delicious beef dish

The sides that go along with Flanders Beef

Flanders Beef pairs perfectly with natural greens and vegetables. Think about grilled green asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, grilled bell pepper, grilled zucchini and grilled eggplant. Next, a nice and creamy mashed potato always does the trick. Next, Mediterranean sides always pair well with Flanders Beef, such as pasta (aglio olio), Parmigiano Reggiano and garlic.



Flanders Beef is a superior beef brand that will stop the show for every beef enthusiast. It is superior in flavor and tenderness due to the strict selection process and superior genetics. Next, Flanders Beef can be enjoyed in many ways, making it a very versatile to work with when inviting guests for a dinner party.


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