How to make the ultimate Japanese A5 Wagyu Hamburger

Japanese Wagyu is definitely one of the loveliest foods in the world. Time and time again, the flavor sensation is positively overwhelming in every facet. But what if you’d try to make hamburgers from it? It sounds as delicious as it actually is. Within this article we’ll cover a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your very own Japanese Wagyu Burger.

Picture of slicing Wagyu

What is Japanese A5 Wagyu?

Literally translated from Japanese, ‘Wa Gyu’ means Japanese Cow. To cut things short, it is literally the best meat in the world. Nonetheless, there are certain levels when it comes to the quality of Wagyu.

The first factor is the origin of the Wagyu. Full blood Wagyu that comes straight from Japan is definitely the best and knocks every other nationality of Wagyu out of the park, so be sure to always check which country your Wagyu is from.

The second factor is the Wagyu beef grading. For Japanese Wagyu, the quality score ‘A5’ is the highest possible grading there is. For detailed information on Wagyu grading, check out this article.

All grading factors aside, genuine Japanese A5 Wagyu is so good that it generates a unique experience that is deliciously different from regular beef. It is nearly impossible to get used to the very distinguishable flavor and the characteristic melt-in-your-mouth texture of Japanese Wagyu.

 Picture of a man holding a hamburger

What is a Wagyu hamburger?

As you’ll already know, a hamburger is a piece of ground beef along with vegetables and sauce between a hamburger bun. It is hard to deny that almost every person on planet Earth is familiar with eating hamburgers. Made famous by worldwide players like McDonalds and Burger King, hamburgers used to be (and still are) generally associated with fast-food.

Yet, in recent centuries, more and more chefs stepped in on the idea of making their own ‘boutique’ signature hamburger. One has to admit that the idea of getting creative with a variety of ingredients sounds fun and foremost delicious. That surely begs the following question: how would Japanese Wagyu match on a hamburger? Combining the world’s best meat with nice vegetables on a crispy hamburger bun sounds like a promising idea. Let’s dive into it.

 Picture of a stacked hamburger

What ingredients do I need to make a Wagyu Hamburger?

  • Japanese A5 Wagyu beef from OS Meatshop. Ribeye, sirloin and tenderloin are all possible. It is advised to order around 150 grams of beef per person.
  • Hamburger buns from the supermarket, or circular shaped buns from your local bakery.
  • Vegetables of your choosing (lettuce, tomato and pickles are standard ingredients on a regular hamburger, but get creative and start experimenting with your desired greens).
  • Your favorite burger sauce or dressing.
  • Side dishes: French fries, potatoes, coleslaw, wakame salad are all good options. However, read this article to discover even more side dishes that go well with Wagyu.


How do I make a Wagyu hamburger?

Step 1: making the ground beef

Making Wagyu ground beef

Start off by making ground beef from your Japanese Wagyu steak. It is advised to use a food processor or meat grinder for this process. However, Japanese Wagyu is so tender that you might just manage fine with just using a sharp knife. Apply this method if you choose to do so. 


Step 2: making the burger patty

Picture of Wagyu ground beef

Create the burger patty by rolling your ground beef to a ball. Be sure to repeat the process thoroughly until the burger is consistent and sticky enough that it won’t fall apart in a later stage.

Step 3 putting everything on the grill

Wagyu hamburger with cheese

Put a (cast iron) pan on medium high to high heat. Sear your hamburgers until they have a nice crust while still maintaining some of that delicious redness on the inside. If desired, you can add a slice of cheese on top.

Be sure to fry your hamburger buns as well. The residual Wagyu fat that is left over in the pan serves as an ideal oil to quickly ‘fry’ the buns, leaving it nice and crispy in the end.

Step 4: put it all together

Picture of a Wagyu burger

Start the construction of your hamburger tower by adding the burger to the bun. Put your chosen vegetables on top and top it off with a delicious dressing or sauce. However, be sure not to bombard your burger with sauce as the Japanese Wagyu needs to remain the star of the show. Add your side dishes next to the burger and serve.

Close up of juicy hamburger meat

End note

Voila! The Japanese Wagyu burger is a creation that will surely amaze you and your guests in an astonishing way. The process of making the burger is fun to do as well. All there is left to do is to order your favorite piece of Wagyu here.

Bon appetit!

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