Wagyu A5 vs Wagyu A4 vs Wagyu A3, a complete comparison

You're perhaps aware that Japanese Wagyu is one of the most exquisite beefs in the world. But have you ever thought about how the quality of these Japanese beef is maintained and marked? In short, the cuts on the beef decide its quality - that is, A5 ranks superior to A4 and A3 Japanese Wagyu with extra cuts. Being the world's rarest beef, more and more people wish to understand the grading system. To conserve authenticity and to assure fair trading, the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA) grades the Japanese Wagyu based on the quality and yield of the produced meat. Keep reading to learn more about the three most important Wagyu grades - A5, A4, and A3.

 Picture of a cooked Wagyu steak

How Does the Japanese Grading System Work?

The Japanese Wagyu stakes are, undoubtedly, one of the most premium and top-quality beef in the world. This is the main reason why it has to undergo a strict grading system and is ranked on the basis of quality, appearance, and flavor. The more superior the beef is, the higher grade it gets. One of the simplest ways to guess the quality of the beef is to check the number of cuts. Grade A is superior to Grade B and C in terms of cuts, flavor, appearance, and quality. More than three years is required for a person to become a certified Japanese Wagyu rater. The length proves how strictly everything is calculated. 

Before a particular yield is given a rank, the certified raters follow a multi-step assessment process. The highest possible score the beef gets is "very good" or "5". There are a few factors that are analyzed before giving a particular grade. For beef to rank A5, it must include:

  • Firm cuts
  • Finely textured marbling
  • A high amount of intramuscular fat
  • Outstanding sheen
  • Great luster

Simply put, meat that ranks A5 is deep red in color and has a bright marbling score.

 Picture of sliced Wagyu A5 beef

Wagyu A5 vs Wagyu A4 vs Wagyu A3

Now that you've got enough knowledge about the grading system, let's discuss the top three grades of Japanese Wagyu.

  • Japanese Wagyu A5

One of the most luxurious and, at the same time, rarest beef in the world - and for a good reason - is the Japanese Wagyu A5. Its delicious taste is one of the main things that make it worth your hard-earned money. If you're looking to taste the exclusive beef in the worth, all you need to do is choose Japanese Wagyu A5. A few other qualities that make Wagyu A5 stand out from the crowd are:

  1. Exquisite marbling
  2. Robust and powerful flavors
  3. Extreme tenderness
  4. Delicious rich taste
  • Japanese Wagyu A4

Below Japanese Wagyu, A5 lies A4 with more steak chew than the former. Though it has a little less fat than the Wagyu A5, it still holds a unique flavor and just melts into your mouth. Being the second-highest-rated beef, the Wagyu A4 is packed with deliciousness and comes with a unique texture. Let's have a look at some of the exclusive features of the Japanese Wagyu A4: 

  1. Richly marbled
  2. Tender and soft texture
  3. Extra decadent cuts
  • Japanese Wagyu A3

If you wish to enjoy more of the meat, you can choose Japanese Wagyu A3. Although it has less marbling than the aforementioned two grades, it comes with a rich umami flavor for the user. It melts into your mouth, giving you a delicious taste without any feeling of stuff. It does however become a bit more chewy than the aforementioned beefs.

 Picture of a Wagyu A5 Miyazaki ribeye steak


Although all the steaks are unique and come with their own features, A5 is far superior to A4 and A3 Japanese Wagyu. Not just in terms of flavor, the Japanese Wagyu A5 stands ahead in terms of texture, aroma along with overall sensation. Looking to buy premium quality and genuine Wagyu? If so, all you need to do is choose OS Meatshop as your one-stop shop. We offer delicious steaks of A5 with rich texture, flavor, and appearance. Buy them now!

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