Belgian National Newspaper 'Het Laatste Nieuws' Visits OS

In the shadow of the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk, on the historic Heilig-Hartplein "OS" is the newest restaurant of Ben Elen and Elien Reniers. Chef Elen knows a thing or two about meat and has earned his stripes as chef of the Gelmense "In de Zwaan", to then run "Vleesegegroet" and start "Cosmocafé". Today he is finally ready for "Os".

The spacious restaurant is decorated with great taste. The controversial artist Tom Herck, who not so long ago nailed a cow to the cross in a Borgloons church, helped design the interior and it shows. You can sit there quietly without having to follow entire conversations of your neighbor. The open kitchen provides the right atmosphere.

The details at the table immediately stand out. Maldon salt, which is used by Nigella Lawson, is on the table, next to the proper pressing of olive oil. The service is Haspengouws warm and at the same time very professional.

As an amuse-gueule we taste a Carne Albese, a spicy tartare of Belgian White-blue beef with fresh truffle and Parmesan cheese flakes. As a starter we choose the rarely available marrow pipes of Belgian White-blue beef. Not everyone is crazy about it, but a real pleasure for enthusiasts.


The main course is beautifully presented in a roasting pan placed in the center of the table. A finely sliced ​​Filet Pur made from Belgian White Blue, which has been matured for 21 days and forms the pièce de résistance. A glass of South African red wine from the Blaashoek wine estate is served. This blend of Pinotage and Shiraz has a light peppery flavor that induces some chocolate and fits perfectly with the aged and Josper wood oven grilled meat. The daily hand-cut fresh fries of exactly 9 mm are a discovery. The meat melts on your tongue and is more than enough. The freshly whipped béarnaise sauce might just lack that fresh tartness.

The dessert comes in the form of a spicy cheese platter from the Liège Freddy Fromage with a French white mold cheese from the village of Coullomiers, an Italian Taleccio Buffelo and Piave Vecchio and a Belgian Pave de Soignie with fresh figs. My table companion drinks a glass of white Spätlese, Muskat Ottonem from 2016.

Os is certainly worthwhile for the meat lover, you best enter it quite hungry.

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