Sint-Truiden Entrepreneurs Distribute Exquisite Japanese beef in Europe

SINT-TRUIDEN | The Truien company OS Meatshop is allowed to import the renowned wagyu beef from Japan and distribute it to 27 European countries. The delicacy costs 271 euros per kilo.

The delicacy comes from the Japanese Itoham Foods Inc., the largest processor and distributor of Waygu meat in Japan. “This deal did not immediately go smoothly,” says Ben Elen. “The difficulty was not importing the meat fresh daily from Japan, but rather the distribution. Because this is an exceptional super deal, we immediately decided to distribute the meat in Europe. ” Together with his partner Ronny Haesen, he targets the 27 European member states. The two had previously had a success together with "Ben's Premium Origin Burger" of Belgian white-blue beef in Dubai and the Balkans. That burger concept was sold five years ago.

Sweet and tender

“Times have changed a lot in the meantime and there are many more opportunities for online sales. Through a partnership with DHL, we can ship our products to any of the Member States within 24 hours with delivery times of 1-2 working days from the order date, ”says Ronny. “The exquisite meat has a tender texture and a rich sweet aroma, and the fat contains a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which enhances the flavor. To maximize the longest shelf life of the ribeye steak while maintaining premium quality, our wagyu are hand cut, frozen and vacuum packed to minimize oxidation and drying out. The wagyu will stay fresh in an unopened vacuum bag for up to 3-4 weeks. Deliveries from Japan are flown in daily and distributed in Sint-Truiden according to customer demand, ”Ben adds.

Higher pricing segment

Meat quality in Japan is classified into five classes from 5 to 1 based on beef marbling, color and clarity of the meat, firmness and texture of the meat, and color and clarity of the fat. OS Meatshop only sells wagyu A5, the highest quality according to Japanese standards, at 271 euros / kg.

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