Vossius, Elen en Vanmechelen Score With Cosmocafé

The Sint-Truiden based Cosmocafé was voted Best Bar Concept at the Venuez Awards in Knokke. This means that initiators Koen Vanmechelen, Pascal Vossius and Ben Elen are awarded as “entrepreneurs who push the boundaries within the Belgian hospitality world in a creative and innovative way”. “This is proof to us that international ambition is also possible right next to the local town square”, say the three entrepreneurs.

Pascal Vossius said goodbye to politics earlier this year to pick up the thread again as a catering entrepreneur. Together with Ben Elen and artist Koen Vanmechelen he founded Cosmocafé, a business where food and drink are intertwined with art. “The visitors are literally part of my work,” says Koen Vanmechelen. “This concept is on the cutting edge of art, philosophy, community and sustainable engagement. Where words intersect ideas arise.”

A tasted formula, according to specialists from the sector. Because after a mention in the Gault & Millau, this Venuez Award is already the second award in a short time for the young catering business.

“I see this award as an encouragement to raise the bar even higher,” says Pascal Vossius. "This is the best prize you can win as a café in Belgium." The initiators already cherish international ambitions with the concept. “For example, during the Venice Biennale we are going to set up a Cosmocafé around human rights,” says Vanmechelen. "Because at a time when digital conversations and virtual encounters are rampant, the world needs new places for physical gathering, for the exchange of ideas in the real world and for cross-fertilization between individuals."

Bingo for Creneau
There was also an award for a Limburg company at the Venuez Awards. After all, the prize for best design went to Tero in Brussels, a restaurant designed and built by the Creneau international from Hasselt. According to the jury, Tero stood out in terms of good lighting, acoustics and use of materials. Creneau was responsible for the design and construction of the business.

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