Holstein beef vs Angus beef, which one is better?

When it comes to beef, there are a lot of different breeds of cattle to choose from. However, two of the most popular breeds are Holstein and Angus. Holstein cattle are primarily known for their milk production, but they can also be raised for beef. Angus cattle, on the other hand, are specifically bred for their meat. So, which one is better: Holstein beef or Angus beef?

Holstein cow

Holstein Beef

Holstein cattle are a large breed of cattle that are primarily raised for their milk. In fact, they are one of the most common breed of dairy cattle. However, when Holstein cows are no longer able to produce milk, they are often sold for beef.

In some cases, Holstein can be cheaper than Angus beef. This is because Holstein cattle are primarily raised for their milk, so the meat is a byproduct. This is described as the 'double purpose' principle. Traditionally, Holstein has been regarded as a somewhat leaner and tougher meat, especially compared to Angus beef.

However, Holstein cattle farmers have increasingly been investing in the feed and nurture of their cattle over the years. Therefore, the Holstein name has slowly obtained a more prestigious status than before. One can now find Holstein steaks on the market that are well-marbled, juicy and very tender because of the extra care that has been put into the upbringing and diet of the animals.

Angus cattle

Angus Beef

Angus cattle, also known as Aberdeen Angus, are a breed of cattle that are specifically raised for their meat. They are a smaller breed of cattle than Holstein, and they are known for their naturally muscular build.

One of the benefits of Angus beef is that it is naturally tender and flavorful. This is because Angus cattle have a higher level of marbling in their meat, which results in a juicier and more flavorful beef. Additionally, because Angus cattle are specifically bred for their meat, the meat has usually been of higher quality than Holstein beef.

As mentioned in the previous section of this article, Holstein has been gaining prestige over the last years. Moreover, a number of critics even place prestigious and contemporary brands of Holstein beef higher up the ladder than regular Angus steaks.

Picture of ribeye and sirloin steaks on a plate in the kitchen

Which one is better?

So, which one is better: Holstein beef or Angus beef? 

Ultimately, the choice between Holstein and Angus beef comes down to personal preference. Nowadays, both have incredible flavor profiles. If you like it on the beefier side, Angus is definitely your pick. On the other hand, if you like your beef tasting palate on the creamier side, Holstein is the winner. In our humble opinions, both have amazing flavor and texture that will please everyone in your company.

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