Japanese Wagyu vs Black Angus - Which One Should You Buy?

Are you planning to cook a steak dinner? Then, you might be confused about which beef you need to choose - Japanese Wagyu or Black Angus. Even though both of these beef types are of premium qualities, a few things differentiate the two. Keep reading to learn more about two types of beef and how you can make a delicious steak dinner with the right beef.

Picture of a ribeye steak with herbs and salt

What are the differences between Black Angus and Wagyu?

As stated above, both the beef are premium and exquisite, yet a few things differentiate one from the other. The first and most important difference is its origin. For instance, Angus beef comes from a Scottish cattle breed - Aberdeen Angus, whereas Japanese Wagyu comes from a species of cattle from Japan. Some other differences include: 

  • Texture and Flavor
  • Marbling

Even though both Japanese Wagyu and Black Angus have a delicious flavor and delicate texture, Japanese Wagyu is one of the most luxurious, tasty, and rarest beef in the world. Its taste will help you to make your steak dinner more delicious and flavorful.

Another major thing that differentiates Angus beef from Wagyu is the marbling. The moisture, tenderness, and flavor that the beef brings into your steak depend on marbling. That is, the higher the marbling; the more delicious your steak will taste. Wagyu, as compared to Angus, has high marbling, and this is why it is preferable when you want to enjoy the moisture, tender and delicious steak.

When considering the right pick in terms of personal health, choose Wagyu Beef. It is extra healthy due to the presence of omega 3 and omega 6 fat along with little to no cholesterol. If you want to choose healthier, delicious and premium quality beef for your steak, look no further than Japanese Wagyu.

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How do I Cook Angus Or Wagyu Beef?  

Just like other beef, you can cook Black Angus or Japanese Wagyu in the same manner. However, there is one thing to make your meat more delicious, and that is considering the intramuscular fat in the beef.

As you know, Japanese Wagyu has a high level of intramuscular fat present in it. That is, you won't have to worry about meat drying out while you cook it. The extra marbling in the Japanese Wagyu adds high moisture content and tenderness to the beef. However, this type of beef is enjoyed best at medium rare.

 Picture of a Japanese Wagyu steak on leaves

What Is The Price Of Japanese Wagyu and Black Angus?

Owing to their premium quality, both Japanese Wagyu and Black Angus have higher prices. However, the highest grade of Angus is a little less expensive when compared to the highest grade of Wagyu. The difference in price is due to the intramuscular fat or marbling in the beef. In addition, Wagyu isn't a readily available beef option in Europe. Thus, it is more expensive (but definitely worth the penny) than Black Angus.

 Picture of a marbled ribeye steak

Factors That Affect The Choice Between Angus & Wagyu

Though price and flavor are the two most important things that you need to pay attention to while choosing the right beef, there are a few more factors too. Some of them include your needs, preferences, and, most significantly, your budget. Black Angus is an excellent choice when you want to save money and still enjoy a tasty steak. If your budget allows it, we do recommend Japanese Wagyu on special occasions. Believe us... It's a real show-stopper!

 Picture of a Japanese Wagyu ribeye steak

What do I need to keep in mind when I'm buying beef?

When it comes to buying any of them (either Japanese Wagyu or Black Angus), it's vital to check the marbling, intramuscular fat, and meal quality. You need to ensure that it contains enough marbling to give your meat a moist and tender texture.

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If you're on a budget, Black Angus will definitely be a decent choice for your dinner night. However, Japanese Wagyu is by far the superior beef brand between the two and has a wow-factor unlike any other beef. Excellent flavor, rich texture, fine cuts, and high marbling of Wagyu ensure that you get the best benefits out of your purchase. If you wish to buy this delicious beef, feel free to shop at OS Meatshop.

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